About Us and Company Overview:

MatrixPlace is a technology company based right in the heart of downtown San Francisco, the hub for the world of where technology and global trade come together.

More specifically, MatrixPlace is a Cloud Solution Provider offering consulting and professional services around BIG Data and Sales and Marketing Solutions, to help customers drive more revenue.

From the factory to the marketplace we help your products move by matching you with the right connections. MatrixPlace offers a unique advantage in that we provide a state-of-the art Community portal that's designed specifically to help Brands and Retailers reach the right trading partners.

It all comes down to the underlying Matrix of Data and the proprietary matching technology we use to make it relevant.

Data Matrix

Data Matrix

Why we are different than mainstream data providers.

MatrixPlace provides Industry-Specific Data from a hybrid of the best Data vendors for each specific component, by capitalizing on each one’s strengths, and discarding the weaknesses… This vast hybrid of every Retailer and Manufacturer that matters, is matched up the right B2B Buyers and Sellers. For example, MatrixPlace blends a hybrid of Corporate Headquarter (HQ) Data from one source, with the Branch Level Data from another source, with the on-line store data from another source). Because each data partner specializes on very different market segments and signals. So while firmographic company data has become a commodity these days, we are surfacing something that’s completely unique and different.

Why? Because our software has been specifically designed for the intricacies of the Retail industry. Across massive amounts of data, we match only the “handful” of Leads that are the most relevant for you (and that’s the hard part, and the problem we solve by prioritizing the very small amount of data, as only what’s relevant for you based upon your specific ‘Class of Trades’, ‘Business Types’ and ‘Product Categories’. MatrixPlace is doing this in real time, in a way that’s never been done before. The proprietary matching methodology blends a Data Matrix of several different types of databases, including both the traditional firmographics (like the standard company size and industry for a brick and mortar) with brand new Digital Signals related to e-commerce (like website traffic and shopping cart technologies), which are pulled form either the footprint of the on-line store and/or other omni-channel considerations like social presence.

Then automatically the software generates the B2B business and connections which are relevant for you, matched to your product or service. This is then surfaced right from within Email and/or visually on a Map. So this way, Sales Reps can automatically receive new recommended Buyer connections within their normal daily routines.

Global Network:

Target Markets:

MatrixPlace has global data related to businesses that are involved in international trade, supply chain, importers, exporters. MatrixPlace has access to a qualified network of Manufacturers and Retailers in the North America, Europe, China and India.

Our B2B Marketplace helps Buyers to identify the right product lines across borders, for the right Retail channel, based on each product, industry and Class of Trade.

MatrixPlace’s coverage consists of both national and regional businesses, ranging from the corporate Headquarters of Wal-Mart all the way down to the small, little boutique retailer on the corner. We also provide insights about omni-channel (brick and mortar and on-line) business profiles.

Our B2B Marketplace helps Manufacturers to identify the right Sales Reps, in the right geographic regions, based on the Retail accounts within a Sales Rep's local territory.