Business Case Study + MatrixPlace….

As an entrepreneur and reseller interested in finding a supplier partner in China to start or grow my business, I had successfully used to source and manufacturer a great new product called the Mini-Jack®.  I had successfully invented, patented and imported the Mini-Jack from China by using Alibaba, but I still couldn't get to the Retail Buyers at the big chains like Wal-Mart and Target in the United States.  I knew that if I could just get to the right big Retail Buyers though, then all I had to do was to show them the Mini-Jack®,  and they would buy it for sure.

"This Business Case study of bringing an Alibaba product to the US market is important, because it addresses a real need which I actually had... How to find Retailers for my New Product. So my own story serves as one of the best Customer Testimonials possible, because it showcases why I created the solution of MatrixPlace, and how it made my product launch a success." - Preston Hurd, Mini-Jack Founder


I realized that coming up with that "easier way" was actually where the real opportunity was (not only for me with my one product I had invinted, but for everyone else in my shoes as well).  So I started building out the MatrixPlace Community of Retail Buyers and Sales Reps in the Western markets, to provide a simpler way to find the best targeted companies, and then to engage with the right decision-makers at those companies.

I was able to successfully use MatrixPlace to automatically get my own product category matched up to the right Buyers, saving me hours of research time.  And that's how I sold the Mini-Jack® to both Target and Wal-Mart stores nationwide!  I now realize that while that was a great accomplishment to make those sales, but the biggest success that came out of all of this, is to now be able to offer the MatrixPlace solution to everyone!

MatrixPlace has partnered with Alibaba to provide Market Intelligence for the Western market, to help them to promote their Gateway 2017 event.
MatrixPlace offers a single point of access to an online virtual marketplace in a very visual way and empowers a global network of Buyers and Sellers to identify and connect easily within a centralized database of business partners.