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Based on Your Emails, we Automatically Match you with the Right Connections

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Essential Outlook Features:

Your NEW CRM Database right in Outlook


We help sellers interact with buyers via social networks (including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Wikipedia and Google News).


  • Automatic links from Outlook to Companies and Contacts in the Community  (Including Industry Events and Trade Shows)



  • Search for Additional Contacts     (Full Email and Phone Contact Details)



  • Quick access to Insights on the web (Wikipedia, Google Search, Google News, Google Weather, and the Company’s Website)

Know Your Customers and Find New Opportunities


Get the Latest Intel on Customers

Our Advanced Technology helps you quickly access the latest Industry and Social Insights

  • MatrixPlace is a web-based Enterprise Solution that helps Sales Win More Deals.
  • When you join MatrixPlace you drive new business through social selling with Insights.