Modern Matching to Reach all the Right People

Cutting Edge B2B Match-Making Methodology

At the end of the day, people buy from people. And it’s those connections that we provide.
— It's really that simple.

Personalization is the difference in how we match Connections:

We'd love to talk with you in order to get your input on the New Leads we will be creating for you, so let's discuss it over a quick call.

Schedule Your FREE Phone Consultation to go over your list of New Leads:

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  • Answer a few easy questions over a quick Set Up call, so your "B2B Matchmaker" can load up your map with our recommended connections for you, giving you what's relevant.


  • Your Connections on your map are chosen by a real live person, because computers alone don't understand your business needs.


  • No need for profile writing, searching or messaging. Spend a few minutes with us on an initial call, and then we'll line you up with all your business connections within our massive community.

As a Member of the MatrixPlace Community, your B2B Executive Matchmaker will:


  • Meet with you for a FREE Consultation over the Phone

  • Find your matches on your Map, and we work on your behalf, finding you the best partners with the most relevant product categories.

  • MatrixPlace in and of itself really acts as a "light weight CRM" with basic reporting, but if you're needing more... then we can help you to link all of your Accounts and Activities in MatrixPlace to Sync up with your actual 3rd party CRM system too.

Scheduling Your Call:

Our team of real, live people helps match you up with your New Leads on your Map.
— So you get the best matches.

After you sign up, we will be in touch to set up a call with you (if you'd like to).  Why?  Because as one of our Exclusive Community Members you will receive personalized attention from one of our B2B Executive Matchmakers.  Each B2B Executive Matchmaker works with only a handful of clients at once, to provide you with the most personalized and hassle-free Set-Up experience. Think of it as having your very own personal assistant, whose sole job is finding you the right Business Connections.  

This is when the real value of being a part of the connections to companies on your Map comes into play, when we populate your own Map with all of the New Leads that we've matched you with.  We actually match these Leads based on your interview responses, and how you do business in the marketplace.