The Place for Consumer Brands to find a Matrix of Retail Buyers

MatrixPlace is an Online B2B Marketplace of both ‘Brick & Mortar’ and e-Commerce Prospects, matched specifically to your Product.

 Supplier (OEM Manufacturer / Brand)

Supplier (OEM Manufacturer / Brand)

 Retailer (Brick & Mortar and On-Line)

Retailer (Brick & Mortar and On-Line)

The Advantage for Suppliers is HUGE...

MatrixPlace connects Brands to Retail Buyers, from the Corporate Headquarters of the larger Retail chains, all the way down to the small Boutique on the corner. 

Getting to Retail Buyers is HARD...

MatrixPlace matches Manufacturers with their relevant Industry micro-segments within our database - which contains every single Retailer and Wholesaler that matters.


Watch this 1-Minute Video, which shows how the Matrix of Data is matched specifically to your products and services.

We help Brands expand their network and sell into New Retailers

  • Sellers get relevant, accurate information about every retailer in the industry, including all key decision-makers.

  • Insights help Sellers interact with Buyers via social networks including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Wikipedia and Google News.

  • Colorful filtering helps Sellers with territory management to reach Buyers in the right geographic regions.

  • Mapping helps Sellers visualize new Leads - fast and easy.

Want to find New Retail Buyers...?


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